Training videos for Veterinarians

Users management : PIN code creation and modification (quick user switch)

Scheduling an appointment / appointment confirmation and reminder through the calendar

Make a visit

    Move customer from the waiting room

    Consult the history from animal to be received


    Attached files

    Adding acts and/or products during a visit


    The tags system

    Visit payment

    When a visit payment is registered by a Assistant at reception desk you will, in the visit’s invoicing tab, only seize your billing lines of acts (procedures) and products, and Assistant will proceed with the payment registration steps as shown in the videos.

    Product management

    Referred cases management

    Close a medical examination, report or prescription

    The medical examinations, reports and prescriptions recorded during a visit can be deleted or modified.

    The notion of “closing” an examination, report or order makes it possible to prevent any subsequent modification of the text that you have entered in these documents (it then becomes impossible for one of your collaborators to modify or delete your text by mistake).

    BE CAREFUL, HOWEVER, before closing a document, make sure that it contains all the desired informations (do not forget, for example, to clearly specify the batch numbers and expiration dates of the products in your prescription BEFORE the close because it becomes impossible to do so once the document has been closed).

    Available informations and workable actions from the waiting room

    The Waiting room window contains various informations (owner’s arrival time, meeting time) and allows various actions to be carried out using the small icons on the different appointment lines

    Quick user switch with a PIN code

    It is possible, as a Vetup account user, to log into this account very quickly using the  » PIN code identification » function.

    This video shows you how to activate this function on your account, specify a PIN code for each user (this possibility is only accessible for the account administrator) and then how to switch very quickly from one user to another.

    Training videos for Assistants


    Management of a computer used by everyone at reception


    Animal sheet

    Waiting room management

    Consultation end

    The tags system

    Managing a device, a computer used by several clinic’s users

    A PIN code can be assigned to each Vetup account user to allow a very quick user switching.

    This function is particularly useful when a workstation, a clinic’s computer is used alternately by different members of the team (computer in the radio room, in the hospital room, in the reception area, etc.).

    The following link will then allow you to access a second video showing you how to activate the « quick user change » function and assign each team member a PIN code of their own: Quick user switch with a PIN code

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    Visit’s attachment files

    It’s possible to associate attachment files (radio, Analysis PDF, etc..) to a visit or an animal directly.

    The limit is set at 10MB for each file. List of accepted files: avi, bmp, csv, doc, docx, emf, gif, jpeg, jpg, mov, mp4, mpg4, odt, pdf, png, ppt, pptx, tif, tiff, xls, xlsx, xps

    This video shows you how to add attachment files to a visit. You will also learn how to find these files through the history of visits for a specific animal or the whole files you have added for any animal.


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