Generate all invoices for a client over a specific period


If you wish to generate all invoices for a client over a specific period (for instance, if you work with breeders or shelters and provide them with their invoices once a month…),

  • Click on « finances« / « visits to be invoiced« 

  • Enter the relevant period and the client’s name in the “search” field.

  • Check the boxes of the invoices you want to create.
  • You then have 2 options:
    • If you click on « Generate invoices« , one invoice per visit will be generated (in this example, the creation of 8 separate invoices)
    • If you check the box « one invoice per client » before clicking « Generate invoices« , a single invoice combining the different visits that have not been invoiced yet for a client will be generated (in this example, a single invoice combining the visits from 01/01/23 and 31/12/23 will be generated for the client Lucille Portrat).

Correction of a credit note


Just like with recorded invoices, you cannot delete a credit note once it has been closed.

However, you can correct it using an invoice (similar to how you would correct an erroneously issued invoice with a credit note).

  • Example: Mr. Cranston has a credit note of $12 for prescription fees.
    This credit note was created by mistake and you want to delete it.


  • You will generate a credit note cancellation invoice through a new visit with the same act (service), along with the reason for creating this consultation line.

  • Now you have an outstanding balance of $12 as well as a credit note of the same amount.
  • All that is left is to record a payment with the ‘credit note’ payment method.

  • This way, the client’s balance is back to $0, he no longer has outstanding balances or credit notes (since the credit note has been cleared by the previously generated invoice), and there will be no duplicate VAT entries in the accounting.


How to manage an animal with several files


If you have mistakenly created 2 files for the same animal (owners with different names, animal with a nickname, etc.), several solutions are available to you:

  • If the files do not yet contain information, you can simply archive them.
  • If, on the opposite, they contain important data such as consultations, reports, etc. .. then it will be necessary to regroup all this in a single file.

This is called « Merge two records » and this video shows you how to do it.

Producing a quote

To create a quote

Open the animal’s file and click on NEW ESTIMATE

Select the different medical services and products that you wish to add to your quote.

By clicking on the product / medical service concerned, it will be possible to modify the quantity, the price, or to add a comment, which you wish to see appear next to the service/product, on the quote and the future invoice.

You can also add a comment at the end of your quote :

Either by using one of your text models previously created in MODELS / TEXT MODELS

Or by adding a new comment in COMMENT AREA

You can then SAVE, PRINT or SEND the quote to your client by email and even create a visit based on this quote should it be accepted by the client.

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