How to easily send a medical examination from a visit


It is now easier to generate a report containing your medical examination directly from your visit.

Here is how to do it :

  • When you have finished writing your medical examination, click on the “Save” button 

  • The new « Generate a report » button appears:

  • This functionality allows you to generate a report based on the previously filled medical examination.

Caution: Using a template in this situation may overwrite your existing medical examination.

Do not use a report template if you have not integrated the merge field « (medical examination) ». In that case, the template would replace your medical examination, and you would need to start the report again.

You can use a report template if the merge field « (medical examination) » is present. Then, your medical examination will be inserted, at the desired and configured location, into the report template.

Before saving, you can print, create a PDF, or send your report via email to your client.

  • Upon saving the report, it will be automatically stored in the « Reports » tab located on the right side of the screen. »




Create a new customer (global video)


It is possible to create a new customer from the customers list, the calendar when scheduling an appointment, or from the waiting room (when a customer who comes with his animal to the clinic for the very first time would also like to get a consultation at the same time)

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Create an alert regarding an owner or an animal

You can add a comment to an owner’s or animal’s sheet.

To do that, open the owner’s page,

Click on EDIT in the owner’s or animal’s box (depending on whether you want to add your note for the animal or the owner)














Click on MISC (miscellous) and add the text of your alert














This alert will now appear on the animal’s sheet

You can specify in SETTINGS whether you want alerts to be automatically readable or whether you want them to be readable only when you place your pointer over them.

To do this, click on SETTINGS / GENERAL SETTINGS / DISPLAY and specify whether you want a pop-up window for alerts to appear each time you open a page and whether you want the alerts to be directly visible or not.

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