How to assign a clinic and an attending veterinarian (Multiclinic Mode)


During the initial consultation of an animal, the clinic where the visit took place and the veterinarian who conducted the visit will be added to the animal record and the owner’s record as the reference clinic and attending veterinarian.

Here, the animal was visited at the ‘clinique du bonheur’ and was attended for its first visit by Dr. Portrat, who was recorded as its attending veterinarian.


  • You can modify these details if needed in the animal record / edit / ‘Attending clinic‘ and ‘Attending vet‘ fields, then save


  • And in the client record / edit / ‘Attending Clinic‘ and ‘Attending vet‘ fields, then save

How to manage an animal with several files


If you have mistakenly created 2 files for the same animal (owners with different names, animal with a nickname, etc.), several solutions are available to you:

  • If the files do not yet contain information, you can simply archive them.
  • If, on the opposite, they contain important data such as consultations, reports, etc. .. then it will be necessary to regroup all this in a single file.

This is called « Merge two records » and this video shows you how to do it.

Creating a therapeutic follow-up by email or scheduled medical service

This Video will teach you how to create and send reminds (by emails, sms, postal mail or phone calls), in a therapeutic follow-up context,
from two different ways :

  • By using acts models
  • creating a remind from the owner’s details


Create an alert regarding an owner or an animal

You can add a comment to an owner’s or animal’s sheet.

To do that, open the owner’s page,

Click on EDIT in the owner’s or animal’s box (depending on whether you want to add your note for the animal or the owner)














Click on MISC (miscellous) and add the text of your alert














This alert will now appear on the animal’s sheet

You can specify in SETTINGS whether you want alerts to be automatically readable or whether you want them to be readable only when you place your pointer over them.

To do this, click on SETTINGS / GENERAL SETTINGS / DISPLAY and specify whether you want a pop-up window for alerts to appear each time you open a page and whether you want the alerts to be directly visible or not.

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