Correction of a credit note


Just like with recorded invoices, you cannot delete a credit note once it has been closed.

However, you can correct it using an invoice (similar to how you would correct an erroneously issued invoice with a credit note).

  • Example: Mr. Cranston has a credit note of $12 for prescription fees.
    This credit note was created by mistake and you want to delete it.


  • You will generate a credit note cancellation invoice through a new visit with the same act (service), along with the reason for creating this consultation line.

  • Now you have an outstanding balance of $12 as well as a credit note of the same amount.
  • All that is left is to record a payment with the ‘credit note’ payment method.

  • This way, the client’s balance is back to $0, he no longer has outstanding balances or credit notes (since the credit note has been cleared by the previously generated invoice), and there will be no duplicate VAT entries in the accounting.


Instructions for unpaid/credit from previous Software

When a debit or a credit is imported in Vetup from a previous Software the total amount is displayed on the right top corner of the client file.
If It’s a debit it is displayed in red and if it’s a credit, in green.
If the Balance displays 0, it means the client is not concerned or that debit or credit has already been recovered/used.

When facing a debit and if you want to recover it partially or totally please follow the steps below.


When facing a credit and if you want to use it partially or totally, please follow the steps below


When balance is 0 do not use “Client AR Balance from Previous Software” medical service


and DO NOT CHECK the checkbox below for any medical service or product details




Create a down payment linked to a visit

To create an advanced payment for an animal during a visit (for example if it needs to be hospitalised), click on PAYMENTS


Select DEPOSIT, choose the PAYMENT TYPE and enter the AMOUNT of the DEPOSIT


You can now SAVE and PRINT a RECEIPT for the owner


Then, input any additional treatment carried out during the hospitalisation in INVOICING


Once this is completed, you can create your final invoice 

To do this, click on PAYMENTS,

Then, on YES (under DEPOSIT)



Now click on CLOSE DEPOSIT 


You will now see that your deposit is considered a real payment

Then, click on ADD A SETTLEMENT to obtain the overdue balance.


Input PAYMENT TYPE and SAVE or PRINT RECEIPT for the owner



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