Producing a quote

To create a quote

Open the animal’s file and click on NEW ESTIMATE

Select the different medical services and products that you wish to add to your quote.

By clicking on the product / medical service concerned, it will be possible to modify the quantity, the price, or to add a comment, which you wish to see appear next to the service/product, on the quote and the future invoice.

You can also add a comment at the end of your quote :

Either by using one of your text models previously created in MODELS / TEXT MODELS

Or by adding a new comment in COMMENT AREA

You can then SAVE, PRINT or SEND the quote to your client by email and even create a visit based on this quote should it be accepted by the client.

Create a down payment linked to a visit

To create an advanced payment for an animal during a visit (for example if it needs to be hospitalised), click on PAYMENTS


Select DEPOSIT, choose the PAYMENT TYPE and enter the AMOUNT of the DEPOSIT


You can now SAVE and PRINT a RECEIPT for the owner


Then, input any additional treatment carried out during the hospitalisation in INVOICING


Once this is completed, you can create your final invoice 

To do this, click on PAYMENTS,

Then, on YES (under DEPOSIT)



Now click on CLOSE DEPOSIT 


You will now see that your deposit is considered a real payment

Then, click on ADD A SETTLEMENT to obtain the overdue balance.


Input PAYMENT TYPE and SAVE or PRINT RECEIPT for the owner



Create an alert regarding an owner or an animal

You can add a comment to an owner’s or animal’s sheet.

To do that, open the owner’s page,

Click on EDIT in the owner’s or animal’s box (depending on whether you want to add your note for the animal or the owner)














Click on MISC (miscellous) and add the text of your alert














This alert will now appear on the animal’s sheet

You can specify in SETTINGS whether you want alerts to be automatically readable or whether you want them to be readable only when you place your pointer over them.

To do this, click on SETTINGS / GENERAL SETTINGS / DISPLAY and specify whether you want a pop-up window for alerts to appear each time you open a page and whether you want the alerts to be directly visible or not.

Edit a list of your reminders

To print the list of your reminders,


  • If you want to edit this list according to the sending date or the reminder date
  • The period concerned,
  • SMS, email, letter or phone call depending on what you want to see appear on your document
    and click on EXPORT TO EXCEL

This will automatically produce a .csv list that you will be able to change to a .pdf list using your editing programme.


Colour coding for appointments

Each type of appointment can be colour coded, which will give you an overall picture of what type of appointments you will have on a specific day.

To do that,


Then, click on NEW and create as many types of appointments as necessary, colour coding them at the same time.

Now, if you click on « COLOUR BY APPOINTMENT TYPE » in your diary, each appointment will appear in its designated colour.

How to create and use my report models

You can create as many report models as you like in MODELS / REPORT MODELS / NEW

You can include different merge fields in each model, so that information about the owner or animal is automatically included in your report when you add this model to a specific visit.

Once you have created your different models (vaccination certificate, desexing certificate, health certificate, information sheet after surgery…), you can use them during a visit.

To do so, create your visit, complete your medical examination and click on REPORTS.

You can now select the report model you want to add to this visit and print it or send it to the owner by email…..


Creating a vaccination reminder for an animal that was not initially vaccinated in your clinic

To create this reminder, there are two options :


  • When a new client comes for their first visit, ask them for the date of their pet’s last vaccination and create a reminder using the « CREATE REMINDER » function on the visit page :
  • Choose the method of sending your reminder (here email)
  • Select the date you wish to send this email (several days before the scheduled date of vaccination) and the required email template you wish to use (we remind you that you can create all your email templates in the MODELS / EMAILS MODELS section).

Now, if you look in the animal’s REMINDERS section or in MEDICAL / REMINDERS, you will see this new reminder waiting to be sent.




You can create a visit on the date of the animal’s last vaccination so that a reminder is automatically created for the correct date.

To do this, create an appointment, inputting the date of the animal’s last vaccination in VISIT

Then, in the invoicing, add a Felv FIV vaccination act, so that an automatic reminder is created.

– TO CHANGE THE DATE OF THE VACCINATION ACT! (to input the right date for the automatic reminder) ,
– To uncheck the Invoicing box (otherwise you will invoice the customer for an act that you did not actually perform)
And if some products are linked to your vaccination act, don’t forget to delete them so that they are not deducted from your stocks

Now, if you look in the animal’s REMINDERS section or in MEDICAL / REMINDERS, you will see this new reminder waiting to be sent.


How to register a lot number and an expiration date for a product ?

To enter a product’s lot number and expiration date, click on CATALOG, then PRODUCT LIST


Select the product whose lot number you want to enter (here I have chosen the rabies vaccine, Nobivac Rabies)

Once in Product List, enter a lot number and an expiry date for your product.

To do this, click on MANAGE


Then on NEW


Now, you have two possibilities :

  • either you place your cursor in the « Barcode reading area » and scan the product’s QR code using your laser scanner
  • or you enter the lot number and the expiry date manually in the designated areas


Click on SAVE

Then close the next page

Now, you can enter all the necessary information about the product that you want to register :

With regard to the example below of the rabies vaccine « Nobivac Rabies 50 x 1-mL », I have specified how I want to manage my stocks : I want my product to be unpacked in 50 vials; my actual stock level is 70 vials; I want the software to create a new order when only 30 vials are left in stock; I enter my ideal stock (in this example, 50 vials) in « expected stock ».

In the green box on the right, in Registers, I can enter that I want each use of this product to be registered in the Rabies Vaccination Register.


After entering this information, click on SAVE

After the rabies vaccine has been administered, click on the red bar code, and the previously registered lot number will appear. Check that it corresponds to the injected vaccine’s lot number and if so, click on SAVE






How to create my product catalog ?

If your Central Buying Company is not listed on the main CBC listing, you can nevertheless create a product catalog to manage your stocks.

Begin by creating a personal CBC. (See the tutorial : How to create a new Central Buying Company?)

After that, click in CATALOG, Select PRODUCT LIST


Click on NEW MODEL


You can now input all the details concerning a new product you want to add to your catalog such as its name, price, your stock level, the stock you want to have, if you want to see this product registered in one or several register(s) when it is delivered…


For example, imagine you want to add a rabies vaccine called « NOBIVAC RABIES »

Firstly, input the name : Nobivac rabies 50x 1 ml doses vials; secondly, input the supplier’s gross price (the retail price will immediately be calculated based on the tax and margins that you previously registered in the software). Then, specify how the delivery should be broken down (in this case, into fifty individual units). Finally, choose which type of unit is needed i.e vial, pill… (This is essential so that your registers and orders are correctly filled in)

The unpacked price will automatically be calculated


For stock management, input the stock level of the product you have in the clinic. For example, I still have 30 vials from an old batch, which when added to the new unopened batch gives me a total stock level of 80 vials.


The resupply threshold shows the minimum quantity of the product needed in the clinic (here 30 vials). When the number goes below that threshold of 30 vials, the software will remind the user to include this product in the next order.

The expected stock is the optimal stock level needed in the clinic (I would like to have 50 vials in stock). This expected stock figure will enable the software to calculate the quantity of the product needed for the next order.

Moreover, on the right-hand side of the screen, it is possible to specify that each product delivery will be registered in a Rabies vaccination registry.


How do I select my date format ?

To select your date format, go into SETTINGS, then GENERAL SETTINGS 




Then select the date format you want


If you DON’T select one : the date will automatically appear in the format used with the language selected for the software. For example, if  the French version is used, the date format will be dd/mm/yyyy.

ATTENTION : the English version uses American English. Therefore, if you work with the English version, and NO date format is chosen, the date format will appear as mm/dd/yyyy.




However, you can choose a dd/mm/yyyy or a mm/dd/yyyy date format independently of the language you select.

Thus, you can select a dd/mm/yyyy date format even if you use the American English version of Vetup.

To do this, just click on the date format you want to use


Now your dates will now be written in the dd/mm/yyyy format, even if you work with the American English version of Vetupmanager.



How to create a new Central Buying Company?

If your own Central buying company isn’t in the list in SETTINGS / GENERAL SETTINGS TABS/ PRODUCTS,  or if you’re not used to working with a Central buying company, you can create a list of the products you use after creating your « own Central Buying Company ».


To do this, click on CATALOGUE  (see green arrow)


You will now see the differents Central Buying Companies.

Click on New


Create « my own Central Buying Company » and save


Now, « my own central buying company » can be found in SETTINGS / GENERAL SETTINGS TABS / PRODUCTS


You can now add the products you use to this newly created CBC and manage your stocks

How to start with Vetup

Please follow these instructions carefully so as to use this software correctly.

You have just created your account, so now go into SETTINGS on the left of your screen




In PRODUCTS, you will find the different Central Buying Companies.

If yours is not on the list, or if you do not work with a CBC, you will need to create your own called for example « my own Central Purchasing Company ». (See : « how to create a new Central Buying Company« ).


Now, always in General Setting Tab, click on REMINDERS so as to manage how you want to remind pet owners of future messages : for example by e-mail or SMS (only available in the premium version)

In General Setting Tab, click on TAXES to fix the value of your tax. If necessary, click on « apply two taxes » to create a second one and you can change the name of the taxes in « rename tax »


Still in General Setting Tab, click on FORMAT to select the chosen currency, country code for telephone numbers, …

And to finish, click on MISC. (MISCELLEANOUS) to help you activate or disactivate the different alerts.

Renewing a drug.

You may create a renewal for each product and drug prescribed during a visit

Firstly, create your visit and complete the MEDICAL EXAMINATION

Once in the INVOICING section, add each drug you want to prescribe.

For each drug added, you can create a renewal :

Click on the line of the product(s) you want to renew

Now enter the number of renewals desired and the time limit in « valid until ». SAVE

In the above example,  the first box of bravecto is bought on the 07/05/2018 and can be renewed 3 times before the 07/05/2019.

This can be done for each product.

All other elements of the visit should now be entered before closing the page.

When the animal’s owner comes to collect the next box, you will know that there is a pending renewal thanks to a specific symbol next to « add product ».

By clicking on the symbol, you will see the product(s) concerned, the initial renewal quantity, and the renewal pending quantity. Now select which product you will give to the owner.

Click on ADD TO SELECTION to add the product to the sales basket.

If you print the prescription after issuing the second box of Bravecto (the first one in the initial visit and now with the first renewal), the number of renewals left will be indicated on it.


What is a pack ?

A pack facilitates the invoicing process. You may create your own packs by choosing the different medical services and products necessary for a consultation or procedure. These will then automatically appear on your invoice after having selected a specific pack during a visit.


To configure your Vetup account

To get the best out of Vetup’s software, it is advisable to configure your account. 

Click on SETTINGS and enter the necessary details in the following sections : GENERAL SETTINGS, INVOICE ADDRESSES, CLINICS, USER SETTINGS.

In GENERAL SETTINGS, you will be able to register your logo, select the duration of your appointments, choose your tax rate, select your purchasing company etc…

In INVOICE ADDRESSES enter which address will be used on your invoices

In USER SETTINGS you will be able to enter your employees’ details, organize each employee’s work schedule, specify what you want to appear on your prescriptions, etc…

All sections concerning the creation of document models (prescriptions, visits, emails) can be found in SETTINGS. 

How to create automatic reminders for an animal ?

With Vetup, you can create a reminder for as many types of medical acts as you want.

To create a reminder, for example a vaccination reminder, begin by creating a medical service. To do this, click on CATALOG


To create a new medical service, click on NEW and enter the description of the new medical service : its name, its category, whether you want to associate a product with this service, the price of the service, and on the right (this goes for each new service created) specify that you want to create a reminder for the service and when it should be automatically sent to the owner.

For example, you want to create a rabies vaccination with an automatic reminder for the owner for the next vaccination in one year’s time. You thus enter the service RABIES VACCINATION in DESIGNATION,  select the category « VACCINATION » and associate the product used for the vaccination (here Nobivac rabies) with the service.


Now, enter the price of the service and, on the right, the date when the pet owner should receive the vaccination reminder. (in the above example, (s)he will receive both a reminder by post and an automatic reminder by email 21 days before the due vaccination date)

This type of reminder can be created for every act, such as vaccinations, recommendations before surgery, antiparasite treatments etc.


How to consult an animal’s vaccination reminder

To see the animal’s next vaccination reminders that will automatically be sent to the owner, click on OWNERS

Use the QUICK SEARCH box to find the owner you are looking for

Now select SENDINGS in the history box.

This will show you all the reminders that have been and will be sent for the animal

If you want a pop-up to appear regarding the next reminders for the animal when opening its page, click on SETTINGS, then GENERAL SETTINGS


Click on SAVE

Now, each time a new reminder is created for an animal, it will appear in a pop-up when the animal’s page is opened.

How to register the clinic’s team in the Vetup software ?

 When beginning with Vetup, to register your team in the software or to add a new member of the team,  

click on SETTING

and select USERS SETTINGS (see green arrow)

Now select NEW

Now, in MAIN,  register the new member’s personal details : 

Title, Last name, First name, adress and email.

In order to use the software, each member must use their username found in ID, so as to open their own session.

The newcomer must then create a password to access this session.

Tick the appropriate box : vet,  vet replacement or nurse

So, for Dr Jackson to open his own session, he must write  « jjackson » in ID and the password he has created on the identification page.


You can write your College Registration Number, the title you want to see on your prescriptions and the language chosen to work in.

Now select which clinic Dr James will work in in CLINIC

In CONTACT, you can register all data such as Dr Jackson’s phone number or email…

The LICENCE section enables you to use the e-vds application and the Loginut software. For more information, ask for details via the VETUP CONTACT section.

In CALENDAR, you can personnalise your calendar and decide when your session will expire.

Finally, in RIGHTS, you will select which part of the software Dr Jackson will be allowed to open (for example, he will have access to all the software except finance and statistics)

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