How to create my product catalog ?

If your Central Buying Company is not listed on the main CBC listing, you can nevertheless create a product catalog to manage your stocks.

Begin by creating a personal CBC. (See the tutorial : How to create a new Central Buying Company?)

After that, click in CATALOG, Select PRODUCT LIST


Click on NEW MODEL


You can now input all the details concerning a new product you want to add to your catalog such as its name, price, your stock level, the stock you want to have, if you want to see this product registered in one or several register(s) when it is delivered…


For example, imagine you want to add a rabies vaccine called « NOBIVAC RABIES »

Firstly, input the name : Nobivac rabies 50x 1 ml doses vials; secondly, input the supplier’s gross price (the retail price will immediately be calculated based on the tax and margins that you previously registered in the software). Then, specify how the delivery should be broken down (in this case, into fifty individual units). Finally, choose which type of unit is needed i.e vial, pill… (This is essential so that your registers and orders are correctly filled in)

The unpacked price will automatically be calculated


For stock management, input the stock level of the product you have in the clinic. For example, I still have 30 vials from an old batch, which when added to the new unopened batch gives me a total stock level of 80 vials.


The resupply threshold shows the minimum quantity of the product needed in the clinic (here 30 vials). When the number goes below that threshold of 30 vials, the software will remind the user to include this product in the next order.

The expected stock is the optimal stock level needed in the clinic (I would like to have 50 vials in stock). This expected stock figure will enable the software to calculate the quantity of the product needed for the next order.

Moreover, on the right-hand side of the screen, it is possible to specify that each product delivery will be registered in a Rabies vaccination registry.


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