How to Order a recipe for an overweight Dog or Cat


Details and tips for ordering a recipe for treating overweight/obesity of a dog or cat

  • Ask for a recipe, then it’s up to you to FOLLOW UP…

Let’s go …

  • Fill in all the information … Indicate the pet’s current weight, weighed, …
  • To the question: “What is the body condition of your animal?”
    > indicate “Overweight”
  • To the question « What is the optimal weight? » »
    > Fill in the OPTIMAL WEIGHT without concession = it is the weight of the animal if it were thin, at optimal body condition score (even if it is not the final weight that you wish to reach): this is what will allow you to propose a good recipe suitable for effective weight loss.

Healthy or sick ?

once you have indicated overweight and an optimal weight, you may choose

  • *either tick HEALTHY: this will give you a recipe for treating overweight, with no other condition requiring nutritional adjustment… you will then have to organize the follow-up…
  • *or tick SICK, when in addition to weight loss, the dog or cat suffers from another problem which requires a nutritional adjustment (such as osteoarthritis, urolithiasis, etc.): it’s up to you to choose the appropriate situation, in the Obesity AND… (tock the associated disease box): this allows you to obtain a recipe for treating overweight and simultaneously considering the pathological situation indicated … you will then have to organize the follow-up…

Type of food

Depending on the pet owner’s desire, you can choose the type of food (fresh food, commercial or mixed so called “half-half”) and the desired petfood (for commercial or half-half) or ingredients (for fresh food or half-half). Even for an overweight or obese animal, you can add dairy and up to 2 treats, the final recipe will take into account all the choices selected.

Follow Up

read the entire recipe carefully, weigh the animal every month and request a new recipe if the dog or cat is not losing weight as desired or if one of its characteristics changes (lifestyle, activity, …).

Expected weight loss

with recipes for treating overweight, you can expect a loss of 1 to 2% per week, or 4 to 8% per month How to calculate?
Calculate the number of mois to reach optimal BW: between these 2 delays

  • minimal = [ (Actual BW – Optimal BW)/Optimal BW ] * 100 / 8
  • maximal = [ (Actual BW – Optimal BW)/Optimal BW ] * 100 / 4

Once the optimal weight has been reached: modify the information (actual weight, Optimal), and request a new recipe, to maintain it at its ideal weight.

My follow up advice

plan a consultation appointment one month after the start of the implementation of the treatment for overweight, a call or a visit to weigh every month, and a consultation appointment to switch from a recipe to lose weight to a recipe to stabilize it once the target weight is reached.

My nutrition advice

  • if you start with commercial foods, to treat overweight, look for a food designed to treat overweight consider adding a dairy product such as 0% fat natural yogurt, maximum quantity, and TREATS > FRUIT > Zucchini > maximum quantity on the proposed list
  • If the appetite is not covered, or the hair is very ugly or muscle wasting appears…, think HALF AND HALF option: with a commercial food to treat overweight, and a fresh food part with NO STARCH, and Zucchini as vegetables
  • What delicacy (Cookie/Biscuit/Starch category) to take in your pocket for education or as a reward: Wasa light…very practical!
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