You are a current user of what difference with using VET-NUTRITION throughout Vetup ?


By subscribing to the VET-NUTRITION service via Vetup :

you benefit from unlimited recipes whatever the situation (no coaching available: recipes for growth or overweight treatment are available but without follow-up : it’s up to you to contact the owner each month to order new recipes…)
with VET-NUTRITION FAQ, you have access to video tutorials to use the service, order recipes… (no nutrition support or nutrition monitoring or assistance)
Use to contact us

VETACROC is a clinic subscription available on the website in Europe, which gives access to

  • an unlimited number of recipes and coaching (Coachings includes illimited recipes, monthly emails, graphic follow-up, and guidelines for the follow up in 2 situations: Growth or Treatment of overweight)
  • a dedicated email for your questions on clinical nutrition
  • clinic training to nutrition consultation by appointment via Zoom (in French)
  • support to ensure that you value your subscription
  • privileged access to LIVE sessions with Dr Vet Géraldine Blanchard, european specialist in veterinary and comparative nutrition (Dipl.ECVCN) and many other services to discover here
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